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Venture Carpets Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of textile floor coverings. Located in Saint-Georges de Beauce, the company is now part of the local heritage and history of Beauce. Founded in 1928 by businessman Édouard Lacroix, Venture Carpets, formerly known as Woollen Mills, has been able to adapt to change to meet our customers needs.

The company has developed an expertise in the design of polypropylene and nylon carpets. In addition, we directly develop our own polypropylene yarns through our extrusion department.

This chimney erected in 1928, at our first factory, is now obsolete and has not been used for several years. We had planned to destroy it, but backed off when we realized that it had become the home of the matinets-ramoneurs, a bird in decline. This is a strong symbol of our vision for the environment to create a world where humans and nature can live in harmony.


Experts in the design of textile floor coverings

With four production sites, we design our products from A to Z, from yarn creation to finishing. This allows us to have full quality control and to offer a personalized service and products.


Our design philosophy goes far beyond just designing floor coverings.

We are aware that our products are part of a whole, of a living environment inhabited by humans. This environment undeniably influences the quality of life of those who live in it, whether consciously or not. This is why our approach is first and foremost holistic and collaborative.

Our team of designers is equipped to accompany you in your projects. We are able to use our expertise and technologies, in collaboration with you, to develop unique and custom-made floor coverings that will enhance your architectural and design interventions.

Our goal is to collaborate with you in the design of spaces that will meet the highest standards, whether in terms of design, environment or health.

What sets us apart

The quality of our yarns

Our expertise in yarn extrusion allows us to offer a high quality product for all our customers.

Our collections

Our team of designers combine specialty and unique expertise to create products that change the way spaces are seen and used.
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Our environmental values

The environment and the sustainability of our products are central to the very success of the company and the evolution of our practices.


A Fifth Generation
Family Business
"The spirit and legacy of Édouard Lacroix still live on in us. His story is a great inspiration to us all."


Too few people really know the story of this exceptional man who was ahead of his time.

In the 1930s and 1940s, as Quebec witnessed the exodus of its active population to the United States, Édouard Lacroix founded the Saint-Georges Woolen Mills in Saint-Georges de Beauce, now known as Venture Carpets.

The legacy of Édouard Lacroix, one of the most important businessmen in Canada at the time, is visible throughout our local heritage. Against all odds, he managed to develop a textile industry that still thrives today, despite all the challenges it faced. His entrepreneurial mentality has always dictated that he should go for it and find solutions.

Five generations later, we continue to carry his torch. His exceptional story is still a great source of inspiration for us.

"It started from scratch! He went off on his own with an axe on his shoulder and a few years later he became one of the largest logging contractors in the country, hiring over 6500 employees."
- Alexandre Lacroix
Executive Vice-President and great grandson of Édouard Lacroix


Foundation of the company
At the request of his fellow citizens, forest entrepreneur, politician and visionary Édouard Lacroix founded the Saint-Georges Woolen Mills manufacturing company in Saint-Georges de Beauce in 1928 to produce clothing textiles and woollen blankets.
The 1980s
Relocation of production
The company acquires several competitors in Canada and the United States.
Start of commercial carpet production
The company acquires Venture Carpets Inc. in Drummondville to serve the commercial carpet market. Saint-Georges Carpets will now be known as Venture Carpets.
Beginning of carpet manufacturing
Following the decline in the wool sector, the company adapts by reorienting itself to the production of carpets.
1993 à 1996
Back to basics
The company begins to manufacture its own extruded and undyed yarn, allowing it to develop on demand the colours required for production, in addition to becoming autonomous in its entire manufacturing process. It also began producing mats and rugs for the residential sector.
Start-up of a modular carpet factory
In order to meet the growing demand for modular carpet, the company starts a modular carpet plant in Belleville, Ontario. Responding to both the residential and commercial sectors, the company develops a manufacturing process in line with environmental concerns.
92 years and five generations later, we continue to reinvent ourselves.

After all the years and storms faced, the company is facing new challenges. Venture is always on the lookout for the latest trends in interior design and is constantly innovating to create a high-quality product that is at the very heart of the new environmental concerns.