Collection inspired by the natural sensitivity and elements of Quebec's coastline. ANTICOSTI, an environment where nature reigns.
ANTICOSTI is a collection inspired by bryology, a branch of botany dedicated to the study of mosses. Distinguished by three patterns with irregular textures and colours reminiscent of coastal elements, ANTICOSTI incorporates a touch of nature into your spaces for infinite design possibilities. ANTICOSTI, a symbiosis of elements that arouses emotions thanks to delicate asymmetrical patterns tinted with our natural heritage.
Colours inspired by the natural elements of our coastline
Organic architecture aims to find a meaning superior to the utilitarian and a finer conception of comfort, expressed through organic simplicity.

- Frank Lloyd Wright
Harmony between the
human species and the elements
of nature.

natural instinct

Impulse. Sensitivity. Harmony.

The notion of balance between the development of the human being and the environment is created by intuitions and experiences. Our ANTICOSTI collection was born from a desire to bring together human beings, nature, materials and emotions.

Through the desire to integrate elements of nature that arouse emotions in a multitude of environments, shapes and textures take shape, linking the scales of product, architecture and territory.
A textured
collection made of delicate
and neutral colors.
elements contribute to the development
of the human being.

40166 - SPHAGNUM

Extensive, compact and homogeneous that inspires subtlety.

40167 - HYPNUM

Irregular intervals and variations that give a blurred impression.

40156 - lichen

Symbiosis of wear and tear and assumed imperfections that proposes dissymmetry