A new collection to benefit young artists

MOOD, a new collection for the benefit of young artists

Venture Carpets is launching MOOD, a collection of rugs designed and manufactured entirely in Canada, a new initiative that will also allow the local company to make a social commitment by proudly giving back to the youth community.

For every square yard of carpet from the MOOD collection sold, Venture Carpet will donate $0.25 to organizations that support emerging artists - one of the first initiatives of its kind in the textile industry. The royalties will be calculated once a year, on a pro-rata basis of sales, according to the different regions. The royalties will then be given to regional organizations whose mission and projects are aimed at the artistic expression of young people.

This financial support will allow many artists to grow by obtaining the necessary resources to develop their creativity, notably by:
- granting scholarships;
- purchasing graphic software;
- organizing special activities;
- providing financial support for openings.
Changing the world, one tile at a time!
As the only
commercial carpet tile manufacturer still in full expansion in Canada, Venture Carpet is one of the first players in the industry to have developed a new collection that allows it to be actively involved in the community. Reflecting the human and collaborative philosophy that has characterized the company since its inception, this initiative extends its social conscience beyond its employees and its immediate environment. As a true leader, Tapis Venture affirms its desire to be recognized as a socially responsible company that is strongly committed to the causes that are important to it.

Thus, in addition to making workplaces more welcoming and warm, like the homy environments created during the pandemic, the MOOD collection redefines the notion of well-being and promotes the creation of stimulating and inspiring spaces.

Join us in making the world a better place by encouraging local purchasing and supporting the efforts of a rising generation of entrepreneurs, without compromising on the quality, ambiance and design of collaborative and unifying environments.
Change your MOOD, create cozy and unifying environments and enter a new era of collaboration and human-centeredness!

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Color: Focus 15429
Color : Expression 15427
Color: Vibrant 30082

More than an office:
a second home.

Our definition of a cozy work environment has undergone a major overhaul with the advent of continuous telecommuting. Comfortable and cozy, the home office has brought many benefits to our daily lives... and they will be hard to forget.

If a neutral and impersonal atmosphere was still a trend a few years ago, it goes without saying that it is now a thing of the past. So, how do we get back to the office after these few years and still enjoy the cozy, comfortable environment of our bubble?

Discover the homy vibe of the MOOD collection
Our MOOD collection redefines the notion of well-being at work by creating a bridge between home and office. Gone is the cold atmosphere of the past, this collection inspired by cooconing focuses first and foremost on creating a warm and welcoming environment with a homy vibe.
Change your MOOD!
, patterns, textures: all the elements of the MOOD collection have been carefully thought out to give new meaning to the expression Home Sweet Home. By creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, this collection transforms the office into a cozy cocoon with infinite possibilities of arrangement that harmonizes perfectly with other more natural elements.

After all, a warm work environment is an important source of motivation. And since we spend the vast majority of our days there, it should be infinitely more than a simple physical space. It's alive and evolving, a source of daily inspiration, and it vibrates with our moods, contributing to our fulfillment, our well-being - and our productivity.
Warm and welcoming

Discover the MOOD collection

Colors: Synergy 50304 & Atmosphere 60145
Color : Natural 30081
Colors: Expression 15427 & Expression 75213